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Our brand is celebrating her 3rd anniversary. In the joy of the season and our unending passion to] help entrepreneurs to build their brands with ease. We are hosting a 3 Branding Bootcamp. This training is aimed at helping business owners to understand the concept of branding like Brand Strategy, Messaging and Visual Identity.




Our brand is celebrating her 3rd anniversary. In the joy of the season and our unending passion to help entrepreneurs to build their brands with ease.

This training is aimed at helping business owners to understand the concept of brandings like Brand Strategy, Messaging and Visual Identity.

We will highlight how to;

✅ Get customers using the right brand strategy.

✅ Retain more high paying customers through brand messaging.

✅ Stay distinctive from the thousands of other businesses in your niche using a strong visual identity (Logo, Colours and Fonts).

Most importantly, we will provide you with worksheets that will help you create these concepts for your business with ease.


Also, We will share case studies of 3 brands that have used branding to maximise their business growth and build customers loyalty.

⚫  US Based Ecommerce: To present product-based businesses that operate both online and offline.

⚫ Food Vendor (Akara Seller): To represent businesses with just an offline presence.

⚫ Digital Agency: To represent service-based businesses.

If your business falls under the above-mentioned categories then you shouldn’t miss this training for any reason.

What we won’t do

We will not use industry jargons to prove our expertise. Branding is already complex but we will be using everyday terms and easy to understand words throughout the program.


Of course, it’s our anniversary and we have a lot of giveaways for you. We will not reveal them here.

Some of them will come as a surprise during the training available only to active participants.

Other Valuable Benefits

Interactive Sessions:
We hate to be boring. All sessions are programmed to be highly interactive. If you plan to sign up miss the sessions and TRY to read later, please don’t stress yourself because you’ll be missing out on everything.

Q&A Sessions:
At the end of each session. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive instant replies.

You will be able to collaborate with other smart entrepreneurs like yourself to build your business effectively.

Does it feel like we are promising too much? Our clients can confirm that we deliver on all our promises. Here are some sincere, unexpected reviews to back up our promises.

Irokwem Joy
Irokwem Joy
Kurlor gave me one of the service till date, Kudos you are going places
Eyo Mfonobong
Eyo Mfonobong
The first word that comes to my mind anytime I interface with Kurlor is "creativity". If ever you're lost and don't have an idea what to do with your brand, Kurlor is your best bet. This is tested and trusted
Samuel Okon
Samuel Okon
When it comes to bulding outstanding and unique identity, your last stop should be with KURLOR because their excellence in turning business ideas into a global brand is what I respect so much....keep up the good work sir..
Queen OKON
Queen OKON
My experience with Kurlor is quite commendable. I love their professionalism in carrying out tasks and their service is top-notched!
Emmanuel Jolly
Emmanuel Jolly
Indeed Kurlor is a Branding and Web Design Agency with a difference. Their services are top notch.
akpah monica
akpah monica
Hello Ab, how're you doing. I will start by thanking you for giving my brand that excellent look. Thank you for brainstorming with me when Za Zobo was rebranding to Moyah, I learnt a lot from Kurlor I must say. Kurlor for me is a brand that have the interest of her customers at heart and are dedicated in delivering quality services. It is with great pleasure I wish you a happy 3years anniversary, more wins!!! @ Akpah Monica CEO Moyah drinks
Ima Udott
Ima Udott
Okay, first, I'm a creative writer, so my review may likely be a bit copious. I had actually wondered why the name Kurlor was chosen for the brand, of all the captivating names available. The answer to my question came after the brand Engineer, Ab Akpan designed my website. I was flabbergasted because it was the most beautiful blog I had ever seen. In fact, it was KURLORFUL! After my brand was designed, the comments I had from my readers took me to another dimension and I couldn't help but appreciate Kurlor for a Kurlorful job, well done. If you need the best brand/website, I'm not talking about an ordinary everyday brand, if you're in need of an extraordinary and exceptional brand, you should not waste time to contact Kurlor. Your brand will be as Kurlorful as the word itself, as long as it has a touch of Kurlor.
Miracle sylvester
Miracle sylvester
Looking for a company to help you translate your brand stories into tiny byte's of information for ease consumption, then you need kurlor. Their Service is top notch. Tested and trusted

Why Free?

The value you will receive from this 3-day training is something we will never give out for free but our sponsors have paid it all.

Free Branding Bootcamp


Multiple Income Stream & Business Growth

In addition, you will be learning different ways to build your business and to increase your income streams as a smart entrepreneur. You cannot afford to miss this program.

Mfonobong Eyo | CEO, Grayce Event Consult

Leveraging Virtual Event to Increase Brand Engagement & Conversion

Faith Etuk | CEO, Campusbro NG

How to Drastically Improve Sales Through Outstanding Product Images, Created With Your Smartphones.

Grace James | CEO, Koko's Consult

Real Estate Investment Opportunities for Smart Entrepreneurs

Emem Ekop | CEO, Freelanzc Exchange

How to Diversify Your Income Streams as an Entrepreneur Through CryptoCurrency

Ekemini Udoh | CE, The Southern Expert

Effective Public Speaking for Winning Entrepreneurs

Sanni Sheriffdeen | Founder, Digital Marketing Lab

The Brand New System To Sell Your Products/services Effortlessly Online

Mira Sylvester | CEO, Cilobyte

Elementary Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategy for Fast Growth

Sunny Okon | CD, Kurlor

How to Gain More Customers on Social Media Using Branded Content

Jennifer Pius | OAP, Redemption FM

Harnessing Radio for Maximum Business Profit

Adefioye Adejuwon | CAC, Service Provider

Why, When and How to Register our Business With CAC Nigeria (Full Benefits Disclosed)

Britney Lewis | CEO, YouBossUp USA

Authentic Marketing Strategies for Effective Business Development

Date: Friday 3rd to Sunday 4th December 2022

Time: 9 – 10 pm


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