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Half of your business problems will be solved IF you pay great attention to the content on this page without skipping any section

Building a business is hard but building an outstanding and profitable brand is harder especially when you are doing it alone. Why are you trying to;

  • run Facebook ads
  • create flyer design with Canva
  • respond to emails and chats
  • fulfil orders and follow-ups
  • plan, create and post on your business page
  • plan offers for the next festive season
  • create a website using Youtube
  • raise funds for expansion
  • hire new staffs

It gets worse

You end every day tired with little
or zero significant results for all your effort.
As if that is not enough, you;

  • barely have time for yourself
  • constantly worry and get anxious
  • have no social life, vacations or fun activities
  • spend less time with your family and loved ones
  • always fall short of business goals and milestones

Full-Service Breakdown & Case Study

From an Idea to Donating $1000 Worth of Products to Children’s Hospital for Free

Here is how we helped a busy mom with 3 kids and a day job to build a toy company from scratch to profitability and donated over $1000 worth of toys to the Children’s Hospital Oakland for free.

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In 2021, Amy reached out on Messenger requesting assistance with bringing her ideas to life. We started with a series of assessment calls;

  • Conducting Marketing Research to ensure her idea has a real-world application, demand, trends and opportunities to leverage.
  • Identifying Target Customers, understanding their needs, pain points and what will motivate them to purchase our product.
  • Creating prototypes and testing them with our target audience (Her kids and their friends). Collecting feedback and making changes with the manufacturer.
  • Analyzing competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses, pricing strategies, marketing tactics and differentiation.
  • A lot more too numerous to mention here.
Brand Call

Phase 1: Brand Strategy (Amy & Korlour)

We helped her in;

  • Identifying her ideal customers using a custom customer persona
  • Creating offers that match her customer’s needs
  • Gain competitive advantage through brand positioning.
  • Creating a strong vision, mission and values statements.


Phase 2: Brand Messaging (Amy & Korlour)

Together we;

  • Compiled the top features of our product/services
  • Highlighted the benefits of our customers.
  • Defined our tone of communication with respect to our brand positioning and our customer persona.
  • Created sales copy and appealing ads design
  • Created social media content and automate them
NOTE: This phase is the most essential and determinant factor to the success of ANY brand. Sadly, a lot of entrepreneurs ignore it completely. WHILE others try to sell ice cream to a toddler yet they sound like they are talking to an adult.

Phase 3: Brand Identity (Korlour)

It was time for  Amy to take a break and focus on other important segments of her company. With the Brand Assessment, Brand Strategy, and Brand Messaging completely figured out, it was super easy to;

  • Craft a catchy and relatable brand name that communicates the vision and appeals to customers.
  • Create a recognizable and memorable logo that conveys the brand’s ideal appearance and feel.
  • Select the most suitable brand colours and typography.
  • Design sales sheets, business cards, flyers, toy tags, brand guidelines, etc
  • Invested in quality brand photography that provided us with product images and styles that express the brand.

Phase 4: Brand Execution (Korlour)

After months of strategizing, prototyping and designing, it was time for the world to see the brand. We started out with;

  • Designing a classy, well-detailed website to help interested customers to learn more about the products and company.
  • Creating social media accounts on relevant platforms that will help us reach our target/ideal customers (instead of jumping everywhere).
  • Share brand/product images, designs, and videos contents.
  • Use the ad designs, flyers and sales copy created in Phase 3 to start Facebook and Instagram campaigns.
While other designs, create logos, and business cards and abandon you to struggle with them. We are very concerned with the application of our designs and how they help you achieve your business goals.

Result Achieved

Everyone loves great results. At Korlour, we are just as interested in the process, principles and patterns used to achieve the proposed business goals.

Aside from the sales from social media campaigns, and trade fairs (offline marketing strategy), our donation of over $1500 worth of plush toys to the Children’s Hospital Oakland was a dream come true.

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Amy delivering the donation herself [video]
Amy's Testimonial [video]
Ab Akpan, CEO Korlour

Struggle no more. Help is here!

Brand Assessment Session with Ab Akpan (Founder, Korlour) is available on a first come first serve basis and slots are strictly limited. If you’re ready to build a brand that stands out from your competitors, attract new customers with ease and functional processes to turn new customers into returning/frequent buyers.

These 1:1 calls are in high demand and fill up very quickly! I only work with a handful of entrepreneurs each month because I want to provide the best value possible.

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Benefit of building with me

  • Shared responsibilities and workload
  • Complementary skills and perspectives
  • Access to a wider skills and digital resources
  • Ability to make decisions more quickly
  • Greater potential for business growth and success
  • A sounding board for ideas and feedback
  • Increased motivation and accountability
  • Support and companionship through setbacks
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Our Services

We provide strategy + design and development backed up with massive execution.

As a leading Branding and Digital Agency in Nigeria, we have helped businesses create an outstanding brand identity, website, social media designs/ads and other digital marketing strategies.

We will do more for you!

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Branding that retain the best customers

Logo design is the least we can do for you. We have helped companies to establish a bold brand identity, attract and retain more customers using the best branding strategies.

  • Branding & Rebranding
  • Brand Naming & Taglines
  • Positioning & Marketing
  • Brand Story & Essence



Superfast & search-optimized website that sells

We build websites that provide an effective online presence, digital footprint and customer support. The goal is to start small but think global.

  • Personal Websites
  • Business Websites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Entertainment Blog
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Crypto/Trading Websites




High converting Ad designs and flyers

We research and develop, launch and manage marketing campaigns and social media ads that give you the best results irrespective of your business goals and with respect to your budget.

  • Ad Design
  • Ads Copywriting
  • Social media designs
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Setup
  • Campaign Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
Brand Call

What clients say about us

Irokwem Joy
Irokwem Joy
Kurlor gave me one of the service till date, Kudos you are going places
Eyo Mfonobong
Eyo Mfonobong
The first word that comes to my mind anytime I interface with Kurlor is "creativity". If ever you're lost and don't have an idea what to do with your brand, Kurlor is your best bet. This is tested and trusted
Samuel Okon
Samuel Okon
When it comes to bulding outstanding and unique identity, your last stop should be with KURLOR because their excellence in turning business ideas into a global brand is what I respect so much....keep up the good work sir..
Queen OKON
Queen OKON
My experience with Kurlor is quite commendable. I love their professionalism in carrying out tasks and their service is top-notched!
Emmanuel Jolly
Emmanuel Jolly
Indeed Kurlor is a Branding and Web Design Agency with a difference. Their services are top notch.
akpah monica
akpah monica
Hello Ab, how're you doing. I will start by thanking you for giving my brand that excellent look. Thank you for brainstorming with me when Za Zobo was rebranding to Moyah, I learnt a lot from Kurlor I must say. Kurlor for me is a brand that have the interest of her customers at heart and are dedicated in delivering quality services. It is with great pleasure I wish you a happy 3years anniversary, more wins!!! @ Akpah Monica CEO Moyah drinks
Ima Udott
Ima Udott
Okay, first, I'm a creative writer, so my review may likely be a bit copious. I had actually wondered why the name Kurlor was chosen for the brand, of all the captivating names available. The answer to my question came after the brand Engineer, Ab Akpan designed my website. I was flabbergasted because it was the most beautiful blog I had ever seen. In fact, it was KURLORFUL! After my brand was designed, the comments I had from my readers took me to another dimension and I couldn't help but appreciate Kurlor for a Kurlorful job, well done. If you need the best brand/website, I'm not talking about an ordinary everyday brand, if you're in need of an extraordinary and exceptional brand, you should not waste time to contact Kurlor. Your brand will be as Kurlorful as the word itself, as long as it has a touch of Kurlor.
Miracle sylvester
Miracle sylvester
Looking for a company to help you translate your brand stories into tiny byte's of information for ease consumption, then you need kurlor. Their Service is top notch. Tested and trusted

Have a question?

Can you really understand my business in 90 minutes?

Yes! The first 30 minutes are aimed at understanding the present condition of your business, your setbacks, strengths, threats, opportunities and your desired goals. In The next 30 minutes identify the root cause of your setbacks. And in the last 30 minutes we will develop a solid and actionable strategy to help you achieve your business goals with ease.

What if I don't have enough money to implement everything at once?

You will NOT need to implement EVERYTHING at once. The essence of this session is to help you identify which digital marketing strategies will provide you with the best results with regards to your budget.

NOTE: You will not be pressured into getting a website or launching a LinkedIn page unless you are convinced that it is the best medium for you.

Will I need to find a designer or digital marketer after the call?

Of course NOT, we have a team of dedicated web designers, brand identity designers, copywriters, and social media/search engine specialists that will be assigned to execute ONLY the recommended strategies for your brand.

How will I understand all the grammars and technical terms?

You will not need a dictionary or glossary during the session because of the simplicity. All materials are super-simplified and detailed to help you understand with ease.

I have a startup/idea, Is this good for me?

Yes, this is ideal for startups. The growth strategy is a comprehensive strategy from start to end. We use the strategy and resources for every startup we help and every business we set up ourselves. It gives you a roadmap, a list of priorities and the structure and tools to help you get set up fast. And, it will get you that traction you need without having to invest huge amounts of money. In fact, this strategy actually positions you to be able to scale your business without needing external investment.

What if I don't have business goals?

It will be difficult or impossible to work with you IF you do not have any plans or goals for your brand. However, if you are willing to learn how to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for your business, then we are good to go.

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