Before now, she was a FREESTYLE writer who enjoyed thrilling her readers with her unconventional style of writing and consistency. During the audit, we noticed each episode of her stories gain up to 700 – 1000 likes with 300 to 500 comments on Facebook groups. We took our time to review the comments and it was certain that her readers loved her and wanted more.

Brand Name

We established her brand name “Ima Udott” and coined the name “Stories by Ima Udott” to represent writing project since results from our business audit shows that her business is scalable and she could evolve into public speaking, scriptwriting, and movie production in the future.

Brand Slogan

The tag line “your favorite storyteller” was crafted based on her reader’s reviews/comments.

Brand Personality

Our client has been a source of joy to her advent readers and inspiration to other creative writers. She is known to be Consistent, Approachable, Creative, Friendly, Organized, Dedicated, Hardworking, and Professional.

Brand Voice

The brand voice is what makes the personality stand out. She expresses herself as Professional, caring, friendly, authentic, with a sense of humor.


Branding & Brand Guideline Development


Ima Udott

What We Did

Logo Design, Brand Strategy, and Positioning.

We Delivered A Website

With Everything She

Needs To Succeed.

As a team, we are conscious of implementing digital marketing strategies that produce results. Our client’s major challenge own a content library when her readers could access all her stories with ease. We did just that and we made it super-fast, secured, responsive on all devices and optimized for both search engine and social media.

Special Features

  • Lightning Fast
  • Very Responsive
  • Topnotch Security
  • E-Commerce Enabled
  • Social Media Optimized
  • Brand/Content Protection

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