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Visla AI is a video generator that makes it easy and quick to turn your ideas into movies that look great. Make stories that people want to read with ease. Find out more about this new tool today and see how AI can change the way you make content.

About Visla AI

Dr. Huipin Zhang, our founder and a former Zoom founding engineer and Chief Scientist, started building Visla in 2020. Visla is an all-in-one video storytelling tool that teams can use to make high-quality videos without having to know anything about technology.

Their goal is to make it easy for anyone, like marketing, sales teams, and others, to make videos. They think video is the best way to get a message across, and they’re committed to helping their customers use it to its fullest.

Their skilled team has worked at Zoom and Cisco Webex to build great video SaaS services. They are committed to coming up with new ideas and staying on top of the rapidly changing video landscape so that our customers can continue to make videos that are interesting and have an effect.

Visla ai Logo Download

Visla AI Features

AI technology is being used to write a story that gets people interested in your idea, merge public stock footage with your own stock footage to make the video better and automatically sync the sound made by AI. Other features include:

  • Video with Voice
  • Text to Video
  • AI Video Generator
  • Footage Recommendations
  • Personal Stock
  • AI Summary
  • Branding
  • Remove Filler Words
  • Remove Pauses
  • Extract Clips
  • Merge Clips
  • Cut Clips
  • Add Voice-over
  • Screen Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Meeting Capture
  • Multi-camera Recording
  • Phone as Webcam
  • Teleprompter
  • Remove Camera Background
  • Share Content
  • Add Comments
  • Add Call to Action
  • Auto Transcription
  • Embedded Videos

Visla AI pricing

The Free – Basic Plan includes;

  • 50 min/month video publish time
  • Unlimited recordings and uploads
  • 3 hrs/month transcription time
  • 10 GB total storage

While the $19/month – Premium Plan includes;

  • Unlimited video publish time
  • Unlimited recordings and uploads
  • 10 hrs/month transcription time
  • 100 GB total storage

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Ab Akpan is a brand designer, business strategist, and the founder of Kurlor, a leading branding and digital agency in Nigeria serving national and international companies.


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