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The Audi Logo is a property of Audi AG.

Audi is a German automobile manufacturer known for producing luxury vehicles renowned for their performance, design, and advanced technology.

Audi has established itself as a leading name in the automotive industry, representing innovation, quality, and prestige since 1910.

Audi Logo History

The Audi logo features four interlocking rings, each representing one of the four founding companies of the Auto Union: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer.

This logo was first used in 1932 when these companies merged to form Auto Union, later becoming Audi AG in 1985. The logo symbolizes the unity and strength of these brands, reflecting Audi’s rich heritage and tradition of excellence.

Logo Colors

The colors used in the Audi logo are silver or chrome for the rings, symbolizing modernity, sophistication, and innovation.

The rings are often displayed against a black background, representing strength, elegance, and professionalism. These colors reflect Audi’s commitment to producing vehicles that are both stylish and technologically advanced.

Audi vehicles are known for their performance, luxury, and cutting-edge technology. From the sporty Audi A4 to the luxurious Audi Q7, the brand offers a range of vehicles designed to meet the needs of drivers.

Audi Logo
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