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The Los Angeles Chargers logo belongs to the Los Angeles Chargers Football Club, based in Los Angeles, California.

They are part of the NFL and owned by Dean Spanos. The ownership and rights to the logo are with the Chargers organization.

The Los Angeles Chargers, started in 1960, embody resilience, passion, and community in the NFL. They’ve won fans with their thrilling play and commitment to greatness.

Mission, Vision, and Goal

The Los Angeles Chargers aim to inspire greatness, bring people together, and make a positive impact both on and off the field.

Their vision is to be a symbol of resilience and community pride, leading in sportsmanship, teamwork, and charitable endeavors. Winning championships is a goal, but they also want to uplift and unite Los Angeles through their love of football.

Los Angeles Chargers Logo History and Meaning

The modern Los Angeles Chargers logo, introduced in 2020, shows a sleek, charging horse in vibrant colors. It symbolizes strength, agility, and determination, reflecting the team’s competitive spirit.

The bright colors capture the energy of Los Angeles, while the design honors the team’s past while looking to the future.

Brand Archetype

The Chargers are Mavericks. Like daring innovators, they defy norms, take risks, and chart their own path to victory. They inspire others to think outside the box and pursue greatness.

Brand Voice and Tone

The Chargers speak boldly, with vision and inclusivity. They connect with fans, fostering pride and community. Their tone is optimistic and determined, reflecting their unwavering commitment to excellence and positive impact.

Los Angeles Chargers Logo Colors

The Chargers’ logo uses vibrant blue and gold, showing their ties to Los Angeles and their pursuit of greatness. Blue represents stability and loyalty, while gold symbolizes success and prestige.


For their logo, the Chargers use a custom font with bold, modern letters. It adds strength and sophistication, reflecting their innovative, dynamic brand.

Los Angeles Chargers Logo

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