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The Miami Dolphins logo belongs to the Miami Dolphins Football Club, a pro football team based in Miami Gardens, Florida. They’re part of the NFL and owned by Stephen Ross. The rights to the logo belong to the Dolphins organization.

About the Brand

The Miami Dolphins, founded in 1966, are known for their sunny style and success in the NFL. They’ve built a strong reputation for excellence and community involvement, winning over fans with their exciting games and commitment to greatness.

Mission, Vision, and Goal

The Dolphins aim to inspire greatness, bring people together, and make a positive impact on and off the field. They want to be a symbol of pride and resilience, leading in sportsmanship, teamwork, and community spirit.

Winning championships is important, but so is uniting Miami through football passion.

Miami Dolphins Logo History and Meaning

The iconic Miami Dolphins logo, from 1974, shows a jumping dolphin in aqua and orange, with a sunburst background. It represents the team’s speed and grace, with colors reflecting Miami’s energy. The sunburst symbolizes the city’s warmth and the team’s drive to shine on the field.

Brand Archetype

The Miami Dolphins are Mavericks. Like sea adventurers, they break rules, embrace change, and carve their own path to victory. They inspire others to innovate, challenge norms, and strive for greatness.

Brand Voice and Tone

The Dolphins speak boldly, inclusively, and with passion. They connect with fans, fostering pride and community spirit. Their tone is optimistic and lively, showing their dedication to excellence and positive impact.

Logo Colors

The Miami Dolphins’ logo uses aqua and orange, reflecting Miami’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. Aqua represents the ocean’s calm, while orange signifies energy and the city’s sunny warmth.

Font Used In Miami Dolphins Logo

For their logo, the Dolphins use a custom font with bold, modern letters. It adds strength and sophistication, echoing their innovative, dynamic brand.

The font used in the Miami Dolphins logo is a custom-designed typeface and may not have a specific name available for public use. It’s likely created specifically for the team’s branding purposes and may not be readily accessible outside of official channels.

If you’re looking for a similar font, you can search for bold, sans-serif typefaces with clean lines and modern aesthetics, which are often used in sports branding. However, please keep in mind that while these fonts may resemble the Dolphins’ logo font, they may not be exact matches.

Miami Dolphins Logo

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