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The New Orleans Saints logo is owned by the New Orleans Saints Football Club, based in Louisiana. The team is in the NFL and owned by Gayle Benson. The Saints organization has full rights to the logo.

About the Brand

The New Orleans Saints represent strength, togetherness, and success in football. They started in 1967 and have won fans with their dedication to excellence, especially in New Orleans.

The Saints aim to inspire greatness, unity, and positive change both on and off the field. They want to be a symbol of strength and community pride, setting high standards for teamwork and helping others.

Winning championships is important, but so is bringing hope and joy to New Orleans through football.

New Orleans Saints Logo History and Meaning

The famous New Orleans Saints logo, made in 1967, has a fleur-de-lis inside a gold circle. The fleur-de-lis represents New Orleans’ French heritage, and the gold circle shows the team’s commitment to style. It’s a reminder of the team’s bond with New Orleans and their fans.

Brand Archetype

The New Orleans Saints are like heroes. They’re brave, honest, and always strive for victory. They encourage others to face challenges and be great, leaving behind a legacy of success.

Brand Voice and Tone

The Saints talk with passion, kindness, and optimism. They’re genuine and caring, connecting with fans and spreading positivity. Their tone is hopeful and strong, showing their dedication to excellence and making a difference.

Logo Colors

The New Orleans Saints’ logo uses black and gold. Black shows strength and determination, while gold represents success and the city’s rich history.

New Orleans Saints Logo Font

The Saints have a special font for their logo, with bold, modern letters. It shows strength and style, reflecting the team’s history and commitment to being the best.

New Orleans Saints Logo
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