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The Oakland Raiders logo belongs to the Las Vegas Raiders Football Club, owned by Mark Davis. They are part of the NFL, and while the logo represents the team’s identity, the ownership and rights belong to the organization.

About the Brand

The Oakland Raiders are known for their gritty spirit, toughness, and rich history in the NFL. Since 1960, they’ve made a significant impact on the sport with their fearless style of play and commitment to excellence.

Mission, Vision, and Goal

The Raiders aim to inspire greatness and make a positive impact beyond football. They want to bring unity and toughness, setting the standard for resilience and perseverance. Their goal is to create a legacy of integrity and achievement.

Oakland Raiders Logo History and Meaning

The iconic Oakland Raiders logo, created in 1963, shows a menacing pirate’s head in silver and black. It represents the team’s renegade spirit and fearless approach to competition.

Brand Archetype

The Raiders embody the archetype of the Outlaw, defying convention and embracing risk. They challenge the norms of the game and inspire others to break free and reach their potential.

Brand Voice and Tone

The Raiders communicate boldly and unapologetically, instilling fear in their opponents and pride in their fans. Their tone is confident and determined, reflecting their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Brand Colors and Fonts Used

Their colors are silver and black, symbolizing strength and intimidation. They use a custom font called “Raiders Font,” reflecting their toughness and rebellion.

Oakland Raiders Logo

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