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Whether you are a personal brand, startup or existing company – we can help.

We will help you to position your brand correctly, communicate efficiently with their ideal customers and generate more revenue using proven digital marketing strategies.

Dear Entrepreneur,

we have been waiting for you!

I am Ab Akpan, Founder and Business Strategist here at Korlour.

Congratulations, you met our company in the “happily ever after” stage but it was never like that.

I never dreamt of starting a digital agency. I wanted to become a Civil Engineer just to make my Mom proud. She believed in me and gave me everything I needed to succeed.

Sadly, I lost my Mom when I was in SS2. Two years after I was admitted to study Civil Engineering in a state university.

After her death, I wasn’t ready to die young too (not due to hunger), I went into the STREETS to hustle. By default, I had a strong relationship with technology and gadget.

I always seem to understand how everything works. I joined a friend who owns a small cosmetics store but had a big dream.

I created a Facebook page for the business and started to share his product and services online. I was a social media enthusiast, it wasn’t difficult for me to identify trends and leverage on them.

I developed a strategy that we used to make our customers feel loved and appreciated for patronizing us. Less than 3 years after the business bloom.

A single store cosmetic store expanded to 4 stores with a Makeup Studio, Hair Store, Hair Salon and a branch office at a different location.

In my 200 Level, I lost my sponsor and I was on the verge of dropping out. I didn’t have any life skills, no money and I couldn’t get a good job to support my academics.

One day, I stumbled upon an article of how Linda Ikeji became a millionaire from blogging (Laptop Lifestyle). I was the next level for me.

I started my blog a few months after I read that post using part of the school I raised. I thought my life was going to change.

One year after I was still broke, but I learnt so many skills like web design, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Development, etc.

Slowly my life turned around. I started working with so many businesses and I was giving the opportunity to design the official blog on my university.

Presently, I have shared my knowledge with other resilient and dedicated young persons who were tired of their status quo. Together, we have rendered topnotch digital marketing services to hundreds of businesses both nationally and internationally.

We are Korlour and this is our story.

Ab Akpan

Who We Are


We are passionate about helping you to push past the resistance that has prevented you from scaling your business using digital technologies.


Korlour will help small businesses to grow into multinational companies which will reduce the current rate of unemployment in the country. This is inline with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.


We are a team of dedicated digital marketing strategies committed to providing unconventional and fail-proof marketing strategies that produce results.


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