Brand Colour Glossary with Examples

An entrepreneur’s guide to understanding brand colours, their Attributes and how it connects your business with customers.

Note: Suggesting a colour or choosing your “favourite colours” as your brand colour is okay but does it convey your brand identity, promise and personality?

To answer this question and many other questions you might have about brand colours, we have developed this comprehensive colour guide to help you understand the concept of colours, their attributes and how they connect to your customers emotionally.

Brand Colour Glossary with Examples

What’s Inside

By completing this workbook, you will be able to:

1. Understand various colours and their meaning.

2. Identify the major attributes of each colour.

3. Choose the right colour(s) for your brand.

4. Maintain the same brand colour across all your touchpoints.

5. Know the application of various colours through the examples.

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Ab Akpan

Ab Akpan is a brand designer, business strategist, and the founder of Kurlor, a leading branding and digital agency in Nigeria serving national and international companies.


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