12 Types of Brand Archetypes, Meaning and Examples [Videos]

Brand archetypes isn’t rocket science. In this article, you’ll learn the 12 types of brand archetypes and their meaning. We have also put together brand archetypes videos for a simplified definition.

Important of Brand Archetypes

Different people have different personalities, successful brands rely on archetypes to position themselves to the customer and match their inner personalities and desires.

There are 12 types of brand archetypes a brand can rely on to reflect the customer image and attract the right type of customer.

The 12 Types of Brand Archetypes:

12 Types of Brand Archetypes, Meaning and Examples [Videos]

1. The Innocent

Innocent brands communicate optimism, purity, and honesty; their goal is to deliver happiness and avoid being evil.

Innocent brands must treat their audience with clarity and full transparency, mostly seen in industries such as food, body care products, and kids-related activities, an example of such brands is innocent drinks.:

Video example of the innocent brand archetype: Innocent® Drinks

2. The Explorer

Explorer brands communicate adventure; their goal is to push and support their audience to discover every corner around the world, this type of archetype should provide their audience with reliable, highly efficient, and easy-to-use products.

Mostly seen in travel-related products and services, an example of such brands is Land Rover.

Here is a video example of the explorer brand archetype: Land Rover® | The All-New Land Rover Discovery

3. The Sage

Sage brands communicate wisdom, knowledge, and truth, they try to play an essential role in media, culture, and education, they’re surrounded by an audience who speaks the language of reasoning and facts.

Mostly seen in education or news-related services, an example of such brands is Khan Academy.

Here is a video example of the Sage brand architecture: Khan Academy®

4. The Hero

Hero brands communicate strength, endurance, and achievement, their mission is to push people to achieve higher and harder goals, they try to go beyond the limit of an average human accomplishment.

Followers of this type of brand perceive themselves as heroes or tend to think as nothing is impossible, mostly seen in the sports and energy drinks industry, an example of such brands is Nike.

Here is a video example of the hero brand archetype: Nike® | Find Your Greatness

5. The Outlaw

Outlaw brands communicate freedom of expression, they are made to change and go against rules that stop them from gaining what they want.

They rely on destruction and revenge to attain their goals, an example of such a brand is Harley-Davidson.

Here is a video example of the outlaw brand archetype: Harley-Davidson® | Screw It, Let’s Ride

6. The Caregiver

Caregiver brands communicate peace, they are earth savers; they provide safety to earth, animals, and humans.

This kind of brand tries to avoid or hide the subject of profit and business, mostly seen in health insurance, education, an example of a brand is Volvo.

Here is a video example of the caregiver brand archetype: Volvo® | Making Cars Safer

7. The Magician

The magicians present their products and services through a sense of rapid transformation; they have a long-term vision of the future.

They want to change their audience behaviors and the way they interact with the world by providing high-tech tools that empower individuals, mostly seen in technology and rapidly developing industries, an example of such a brand is Intel.

Here is a video example of the magician brand archetype: Intel® | The Team

8. The Ruler

Rulers are all about power, monopoly, and control; they desire wealth, order, and efficiency; they want to dominate the entire market, mostly seen in industries such as real estate, banks, fashion.

The customers of such brands are willing to pay whatever price it takes to look powerful and wealthy, an example of such brands is Rolex.

The Ruler brand archetype video example: Rolex®

9. The Regular

Everyone is equal; regular brands connect people, simple yet comfortable and affordable for the masses to buy and use, they avoid being a specific brand for a small segment of people.

The brand strategy relies on efficiency and low pricing, design, and visual communication to suit the majority of people’s tastes, mostly seen in the everyday products industry, an example of such brands is Visa cards.

Here is a video example of the regular brand archetype: Visa® Commercial

10. The Creator

Creator brands are created to innovate, inspire and connect with people’s emotions through creativity and artistry; they tend to perfect all the small details of their products and services.

Mostly seen in industries related to art, music, and creativity, an example of such brands is Lego.

Here is a video example of the creator brand archetype: LEGO® | Let’s Build

11. The Lover

Lover brands communicate love, friendship, and sensual desires; they inspire people to be together and have high emotions toward each other.

Customers of such brands mostly focus on the outlook of things, physical and visual attractiveness, an example of such brands is Häagen-Dazs.

Here is a video example of the Lover brand archetypes: Häagen-Dazs®

12. The Jester

Jesters are all about fun! Their goal is to get people out of their daily lifestyle and bring joy into it; this type of brand heavily depends on characters, visuals, and environment design to support their brand story and experience, an example of such a brand is m&m’s.

Here is a video example of the Jester Brand Archetype: m&m’s® | Commercials

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