Brand Masterplan: AI-Powered Branding Checklist [e-Book]

Brand Masterplan

Introducing the new way to build your brand with Brand Masterplan – the new AI-powered Branding Checklist is aimed at assisting you in building a recognizable and profitable brand with ease.

This guide is Jargon-Free & Super Simplified” for easy understanding, readability and application. This branding checklist will help you to leverage the power of the brand to gain and retain more customers easily.

Note: Most of the challenges disclosed in this checklist are underrated issues, yet they have a huge negative or positive impact when ignored or implemented.

Brand Masterplan: What’s Inside

This guide will assist you in;

  1. Creating a well-detailed customer persona (Preface)
  2. Develop a solid brand strategy and positioning (Phase 1)
  3. Use messaging and tones to ascertain authority (Phase 2)
  4. Develop an outstanding visual identity your customers will love (Phase 3)
  5. Execute, observe, and iterate all the strategies on your touchpoints (Phase 4)


We have added sample answers to all the questions highlighted in the guide. Grab your copy today!

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