7 Overlooked Importance of Branding for Small Businesses

7 Overlooked Importance of Branding for Small Businesses

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of branding for small businesses because they value their small businesses based on their present state and not what they could become in the future. When people think of brands, they think of companies like Apple or Nike. 

Your small business is just as much of a brand as it’s a business beyond just a beautiful logo. Good branding increases the value of a company. According to a recent survey, 72% of consumers surveyed stated that digital branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine. 

So, what is a brand? 

A brand represents the sum of a perception of a company, whether it’s your customer service, your look and feel, or your message. We’re going to talk about all those things today and exactly why they’re so important to your strategy. 

Importance of Branding for small businesses and why you should Brand today.

  • Branding creates trust. 

When a company invests in a strong visual strategy, there’s data-driven proof that customers trust you more. This is more than a logo. It’s consistent in look and message across all platforms. Print your sign above your building online. 

“Did you know that one-third of the top 100 brands use the colour blue in their logo”? Here is the meaning of Blue Color in Branding.

  • Branding improves recognition 

While your logo shouldn’t be the end of your marketing. Ensure to put some serious thought into how you design your logo. The best option is to hire a branding agency to help you go through this process. 

When designing your logo, think about what your business does, how you want to convey that message to your audience, and the look and feel that will accompany it. 

  • Is your branding memorable and unique? 

We know in today’s digital world, we’re constantly inundated with messages and sales pitches from different companies. When you’re putting this together, think of what makes you different and unique. 

What’s your story, and how does that story convey to an audience in a way that would make them want to consider your business when looking to purchase a product or a service? 

Did you know a signature brand color can boost brand recognition by 80%? Don’t be afraid to be bold and use some colours when either creating or rethinking your identity. 

  • Create messaging that illustrates value. 

80% of consumers consider authentic brand-created content as a factor when they’re making a purchase. This can be in videos, blogs, or your social media posts. An authentic brand creates loyalty. 

Did you know companies with a blog produce over 60% more leads a month than their online counterparts who don’t? 

  • Content drives millennials 

when it comes to the coveted Millennial audience, a brand that focuses on a strong online presence tends to do better. This includes a mobile-ready website and a strong social media presence with their custom content. This creates loyalty and 62% more of those surveyed. This means that millennials connect with the digital brand. 

  • First impressions are everything

Don’t forget the old rule. You have to be seen, to be heard. Although first impressions of a company and its brand are made in the first 10 seconds, it takes five to seven impressions of a brand and its logo to stick in their mind. So make sure you’re using your logo and your branding everywhere you can. 

  • Use emotion

Give your customers a reason to care about your brand because when they care, they buy. No matter the size of your business. You can leverage your online channels to position you and your people as thought leaders in your industry. People buy from people, so use your best asset, your story to help sell your business and videos. 


You don’t have to break your piggy bank to brand your business. We have created a simple branding checklist to help you highlight the key things you need to establish your brand. 

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